UN5UB Solution

Filter invalid phone numbers and increase ROI.

What is UN5UB?

Our unsubscribe solution or UN5UB™ enables you to offer your customers an opt-out option if they choose not to receive messages and you will be notified and can remove the number from your database.
The tool is also fully customisable with various options including: logo, colours, languages, text, 2FA message, buttons and an option for unsubscribe reason, which can be either a drop-down list or a text box.

  • Why UN5UB?

    According to GDPR compliance regulations, you should always provide your customers the option to opt out within the message sent out, and this also applies to SMS or Instant Messaging.

  • How UN5UB works?

    The system appends an opt-out link to your message. Once a user goes through the unsubscribe process you will be notified via callback to remove the number from your contact list.

Benefits of UN5UB: comply with GDPR.

The service helps your mobile customer engagement campaigns be compliant with GDPR regulations. The solution provides a dedicated unsubscribe link for your brand to be used in any SMS or instant message sent out to your customers. Mexaging’s UN5UB solution for SMS and Instant Messaging, has the added benefit of having a shorter UN5UB URL. This makes it so the URL within the marketing message uses less of the available 160 characters in the SMS message and in return maximizes available content space.

UN5UB: A four step process

Start using our UN5UB feature in four easy steps. GDPR Compliance made easy.

Step1: Set up link

UN5UB links will be set up by Mexaging with various option for branding available such as logo, colours and language.

Step 2: Add SMS link

Your unique UN5UB link will be added to any SMS campaigns and will enable your customers to unsubscribe from your list.

Step 3: UN5UB Landing page

When a link is clicked the customer will be taken to a landing page where they can insert their phone number to unsubscribe. They can also insert a reason for unsubscribing through a free text field / drop down list.

Step 4: Compliant & ready to go

Any unsubscribed users will be blocked from future send outs if you use our platform or you can set up a callback directly to your own system.