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SMS Bulk

The Bulk SMS service allows you to send bulk SMS to contacts, buying only the SMS you really need. It does not include activation costs, or additional fees or costs. Depending on the type of submission chosen, we have:

  • Standard SMS Standard SMS

    They guarantee a brand a high level of institutionality, contributing to its reliability in the perception of customers.

  • Standard-quality SMS with response Standard-quality SMS with response

    They give the possibility to interact with the sender through an assertive response.

  • High-quality SMS High-quality SMS

    They guarantee immediate delivery, the possibility to customize the sender and to link together long messages.

  • High-quality SMS with response High-quality SMS with response

    They provide the possibility of receiving a response from the recipient, who may ask to be contacted for more information about the product.

SMS Marketing

Compared to email marketing campaigns, which have an opening rate of 20%, SMS have the advantage of being read by 98% of recipients. They are the ideal tool for conducting surveys and redeeming digital coupons.
Our SMS Marketing provides a link that offers the possibility to analyze the customer’s behavior, knowing how many and which ones have clicked it. Through this link you access a landing page to finalize the online purchase. Alternatively, the customer can express their consent to be contacted, in which case their number will be saved on a dedicated database.

SMS Advertising

Advertising SMS is the ideal tool for carrying out promotional campaigns, informing recipients about current promotions, sending discount codes, and reporting the release of new products. They allow you to send coupons to encourage the purchase and invitations for special events, inaugurations or promotional sales.
This type of SMS can be enriched with visual content such as images, videos or maps. It is possible to include a link to a landing page to deepen the communication, involving the customer more.

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