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The messaging service on the white label platform.

Mexaging is Mexedia’s SMS messaging service for companies on the white label platform. It offers diversified solutions for organic traffic (Bulk SMS), Marketing SMS and Advertising SMS.
We help companies to reach prospects, optimizing time and results, always through a GDPR-compliant approach. Through accurate digital marketing strategies, we carry out targeted lead creation activities. We also have a highly profiled proprietary database, to be integrated with that of individual companies.
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GDPR-compliant consensual contacts sectionable by gender, age, city, province and zip code.


The added value of SMS.

Usually associated with content that is considered really important, SMSs have an opening rate of 98%.
They are delivered within seconds to any type of cellphone and guarantee the sender the certainty of a reliable report on the delivery status.

  • Institutionality

    SMS guarantees a brand a high level of institutionality, contributing to its reliability in the perception of customers.

  • Speed

    SMS is a fast tool and can be delivered within seconds on any type of cellphone.

  • Reading

    SMS are read by the vast majority of recipients, with an opening rate of 98%.

Our solutions.

We offer companies three different types of solutions on the white label platform.

Advanced Messaging

Send and deliver messages globally through AMP (Advanced Messaging Platform).

Instant Messaging

Break free from the limits of SMS. Keep the conversation flowing with Instant Messaging.

Value Added Services

Optimise your ROI, Security and compliance with our Value Added Services.


Why communicate with our SMS?

Autonomy in the management of the platform, highly profiled database and an omnichannel approach are the strengths of our offer.

SMS Platform

SMS Platform

Our SMS platform allows sending and managing SMS campaigns completely independently, both on acquired customers and on profiled prospects.

Data Marketing

Data Marketing

We have a large database that is highly profiled and constantly updated, to offer each company contacts that represent a real value.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Through an omnichannel approach, we identify the best contact channel to increase target engagement.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We help companies to define marketing strategies to turn prospects into customers.

Discover Smart Sales Assistant

Integrate Artificial Intelligence into your SMS with Smart Sales Assistant. Optimise your engagement and automate your sales operations with the power of our AI chat. Prepare the future of your communication!

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Easy, intuitive, ready to use.

The web-based platform allows you to create, design and send customers messaging campaigns – promotional, transactional and other notifications via SMS – through an intuitive interface with global coverage and pay-as-you-go options that does not require API integrations.
Our API allows you to set the ways of transmitting messages based on communication preferences and knowledge of the target.


SMS and Artificial Intelligence: key allies for sales departments.

What if a simple text message could be transformed into a real virtual sales agent, powered by Artificial Intelligence? This agent is able to do much more than a simple SMS can do on its own. It can make appointments, conduct sales actions, send emails, answer prospects' questions and much more.

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