Two-Way Messenger

Keep the conversations flowing and your customers engaged through one simple interface.

Two-Way features & highlights.

Our product features are designed to enhance your experience and provide valuable solutions. Explore the following features that empower you to achieve your goals and streamline your tasks effectively. Discover how our product can make a difference for you.

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

Send instant push notifications to your customers directly on their mobile device.

Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

Monitor agent activity and conversations together with key metrics from one view.

Client Management

Client Management

Easily view, edit and manage all your client profiles. Re-assign customers to any agent.

Rich Media

Rich Media

Send messages with text, images, banners, pdfs and interactive buttons.

Agent Assignment

Agent Assignment

Easily assign users to any of your agents. Alternative agents or channel when main agent is unavailable.

Fully Branded

Fully Branded

Platform can be fully branded with your logo and colours. Send campaigns that reflect your brand.

Security & Encryption

Security & Encryption

Keep your customer database clean and secure through 2FA in the onboarding process.



Real-time data and statistics on demand, with optional reports available to help you track your campaigns.

One messenger, many uses.

Our Two-Way messenger platform allows full control to your company while allowing a unique, branded, familiar and secure solution. Specifically designed for key account managers, it empowers engagement while protecting your most valuable assets. Take back control! ​
Send push notifications without an APP download.

Benefits of using our Two-Way Messenger.

Boost Company Sales

Promote your services and improve your agent productivity.

Customer satisfaction

Send proactive and personalised messages to your customers.


Future-proof your operations and monitor multiple account managers.

Cost saving

Reduce operating costs and transform your communication capabilities.

Explore Endless Possibilities

Streamline and scale your operations through communication.

  • Health Health

    Simplify the healthcare experience for patients.

  • Insurance Insurance

    Reassure customers with secure messages in finance, banking etc.

  • Retail Retail

    Boost revenue and increase customer loyalty.

  • Gaming Gaming

    Manage all VIP customers on one platform.

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Effortless Customer Engagement.

Simplify Invitations and Onboarding for Seamless Connections.

  • Simple & Flexible Customer Invitation

    Invite your current or new customers via various channels such as email, SMS or even below-the-line marketing channels such as QR Codes.

  • A Streamlined Onboarding Process

    Get your customers on board through a straightforward user flow and experience. 2-Factor authentication adds an extra layer of security and verification to the process, ensuring your customer database remains clean and secure.